BIM for Executive Leadership

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After participating in this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand how BIM affects enables project delivery and differs from CAD workflow
  • Describe multiple uses for BIM, other than document creation
  • Understand the benefits of BIM in a tech-centric industry
  • Gain understanding of organizational changes and new roles
  • Enable focused BIM Vision and Strategy to grow your practice
  • Find further ROI in connecting existing digital tools


The building and infrastructure industry has had essentially stagnant, if not falling levels of productivity for the last 25 years. While there are many reasons, the slow adoption and implementation of digital technologies is significant. Processes and workflows have not taken advantage of digitization and remain costly. BIM looks to fix this technological gap and improve the efficiency of our industry. However, it is not as easy as purchasing Revit. There is a lot of nuance to understand and prepare for, and having that knowledge will allow for success. Learn how BIM is affecting the AEC industry and how you can leverage it to your advantage.

Course Outline:

  • CEO as primary BIM User
  • Key BIM Roles and Responsibilities
  • BIM Visioning and Strategy
  • Billable vs Organizational Work
  • Re-alignment and Understanding of BIM in AEC
  • HR Challenges, Ramifications and How to Overcome
  • Technology disruption in AEC

Who Should Attend:

  • Principals, Owners
  • Executive Leadership
Horaire : 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT

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Schedule – Half Day - 9:00am–12:00pm


  • CEO as primary BIM User
    • CEOs impact on firm, operations and culture
    • Getting information from your models
    • Key Question for KPIs
  • Key BIM Roles and Responsibilities
    • CTO
    • Director of Digital Practice
    • BIM / VDC Manager / Director
    • BIM / VDC Coordinator / Specialist
  • BIM Visioning and Strategy
    • Workflow & BIM Specific Goals
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Gap Analysis
    • Examination of Hours
  • Billable vs Organizational Work
    • Sources of Profit & Savings
    • Billable Work
    • Organizational Work
  • Re-alignment and Understanding of BIM in AEC
    • Bi-directional Mentoring
    • Fragmentation or Specialization
    • Knowledge Gaps by Generation
  • HR Challenges, Ramifications and How to Overcome
    • Project Responsibilities vs Job Roles / Titles
    • Onboarding & Knowledge Syncing
    • Talent Acquisition/ Retention
  • Technology disruption in AEC
    • Software & Collaboration
    • IT & Security
    • Environmental & Accessibility
    • O&M


Travis Van Clieaf

Travis Van Clieaf is a veteran BIM practitioner who has worked in the Canadian architecture, engineering, and manufacturing sectors for over 18 years.  From designers to project managers to builders, Travis has extensive experience collaborating with every type of stakeholder involved in the BIM process. As a result, he has a unique understanding of the obstacles that various stakeholders face throughout all phases of a project, from pre-design to construction. Travis’ superpower is his ability to quickly identify gaps in interdisciplinary collaboration and project execution planning, and to help teams close those gaps by developing efficient, data-driven design processes.

A graduate of the Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning (2005), Travis held a wide range of professional roles prior to establishing LIMINALSTAR Inc. in 2021. He has served as BIM Manager at two multidiscipline firms; Applications Specialist at two Autodesk resellers (one commercial and one academic); and Technologist for a reputable ICF manufacturer. Travis is an expert user of multiple software platforms, including Autodesk Revit and AEC Collection, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office 365, and Bluebeam, and has been an active member of the Canadian BIM Council since 2017.

As founder of LIMINSTAR Inc., Travis advises executives on standards of digital practice, staffing and skill development, and strategies to leverage BIM for business growth. Travis is also a sought-after BIM educator who creates custom training plans for AEC teams and delivers skill development workshops to help firms transition from CAD to BIM. Travis is an enthusiastic mentor who is dedicated to supporting design professionals at all career stages in becoming proficient in BIM.


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