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Khaled Akida

P.Eng., MBA, M.Sc.

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Khaled is a registered professional engineer and general manager of TEEBA Engineering Inc. He has extensive experience in substation design, power system studies, power quality audits, EMF and grounding design, field testing and EHS program settings.

Khaled received his M.Sc. from The University of New Brunswick and his MBA from Laurier School of Business. He has managed and executed various electrical engineering projects for major electrical, industrial and commercial facilities in Canada and the US.

He has various IEEE publications, is a technical reviewer for many IEEE journals and is a certified electrical safety trainer for GE. Khaled has been the recipient of GE Management Award and has many leadership certifications from GE Leadership Development Centre at Crotonville.

As a certified electrical safety trainer by GE Corporate, Khaled has taught many technical courses across Canada, USA, Asia and Middle East to industrial customers, electrical consultants and electrical utilities customers.

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les 3, 4 et 5 avril 2023
les 8, 9, 10, 11 et 12 mai 2023
les 29, 30 et 31 mai 2023
les 12, 13, 14 et 15 juin 2023
les 16, 17, 18 et 19 octobre 2023